BecAUSe we Care: Kaitlyn Young “Giving Back”

BecAUSe we Care: Kaitlyn Young “Giving Back”


University of New Brunswick student-athlete Kaitlyn Young is an extremely busy woman. Splitting her time between fourth year studies in Kinesiology and being a consistently competitive presence in the pool, as a butterfly specialist for the UNB V-Reds swim team. As if that was not enough, Kaitlyn plays a large part in her community as a volunteer in several different programs.

 Kaitlyn who splits her free time between several different organizations, but would never exchange her experience for anything, saying: "I think it actually makes me a little more sane. It's a break from school and swimming, things that put stress on you. It makes you feel good about yourself. I always try to find an hour a day or an hour a week, however long it is, I completely forget about my own issues and worry about somebody else."

Much of Kaitlyn's volunteer work is with. She is a coach for the Capital Region Special Olympics Swim Team, as well as a leader for the Opal Youth Group: a group which gives mentally handicapped youth care and support.

"I do Special Olympics for swimming, which is really rewarding. There are other coaches, but I focus on the children most affected by their conditions. It's good to watch them progress, and watch them, knowing that you're helping them out. It feels good."

At Opal, Young supports handicapped youth from ages 10-18. The support goes both ways as Kaitlyn learns from the people she helps. "It's really nice because you get to see the better side of things, they don't really care about the small stuff, and it's nice to see life from a different perspective."

 All of Kaitlyn's hard work does not go unnoticed; she was most recently nominated for the AUS Student-Athlete Community Service Award for the sport of Swimming. This award is given to the athlete of a specific sport that shows great leadership in the sport as well as in the community.  

Swim coach Robin Ferdinand also recognizes Kaitlyn's unrelenting spirit, both for sport and in the community, saying, "Kaitlyn is a great leader in and out of the pool and with the Varsity Reds program. Her family has taught her the importance of "giving back" as evidence by their involvement with our swim program."

Kaitlyn recently competed at the Subway AUS swim championship in Newfoundland where she garnered 1 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze medals. She is currently preparing for the CIS Championship which will be held at the University of Toronto February 20-22, 2014.  ​

Tom Wilson for UNB Sports Information