BecAUSe We Care: Logan Keoughan in the Community

BecAUSe We Care: Logan Keoughan in the Community

V-Reds student-athlete Logan Keoughan is to set graduate this year from the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources. Unlike many graduating students, Logan leaves behind an extremely busy, but successful university career.

Outside of academic work, Logan has been an elite force on the Varsity Reds men's volleyball team, being selected as an AUS all-star in each year of his eligibility.

This busy schedule is enough to keep most students more than occupied; Logan does not stop there. He commits a large chunk of his time to volunteer work and community service.

 To Logan a busy schedule is the best schedule. "It's almost easier the more stuff you have going on. You have to budget your time really well when you know you have a lot on the go."

Recently Logan has been recognized for his contributions by the AUS, who selected him for the second time as the recipient of Student-Athlete Community Service Award.

"It's an award given to someone who best demonstrates excellence in athletics, academics, and community involvement. I think it's an honour to be recognized," said Keoughan.

Logan's volunteer resume consists of, being elected President of the UNB Athletes Council, as well as Co-President of the UNB Right to Play Club. As a key decision maker in these organizations, Logan organizes and participates in many initiatives, giving back to the community.  

 Initiatives such as "Read with the Reds" a program within the School District whereby student athletes promote literacy in kindergarten and grade 1, "Bleed with the Reds" a student organized blood drive on campus, as well as many other initiatives. 

As co-President for the Right to Play Club at UNB, Logan is able to reach out into the community in a more physical sense, one that Logan feels strongly about. "As a club we do certain events to raise awareness for the Right to Play organization, we raise money, but it's all about keeping the kids active and always promotes play and having fun."

All of the positive energy Logan puts forth gets reflected back at him, as he reflects on his experiences helping out in schools, inspiring tomorrow's group of athletes.

"It feels good knowing that you've made a difference, or helped kids, you just see how excited they are, and it makes you feel like you've done something more than just play volleyball and go to school."​


Photo Credit – Chris Parent
Tom Wilson for UNB Sports Information