BecAUSe we care: Ben Law

BecAUSe we care: Ben Law


At the heart of every strong team is a strong leader; for the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds Soccer Team, that leader is Benjamin Law.

To be a strong leader one has to undertake a huge level of responsibility; Ben best shows this through the many volunteer programs he takes part in, as well as his internship with the V-Reds. Serving as captain, Ben led the team to a bronze medal finish this year at the CIS National Tournament. Off the field his strong ability to lead extends into the community.

 Volunteering and involving himself in the community have always been an interest to Law. "I've always been involved with coaching and training on the field, because other than playing it's the next best thing. I think that just carried over into helping out in other volunteering positions."

Ben's volunteering resume consists of: Organizing Events and Fundraisers as Co-president of the UNB Athletes Council, raising awareness and support for children in third world countries: offering them the opportunities in sports and play with Right to Play, as well as coaching youth soccer in the city of Fredericton.

"Both with volunteering and being the captain of the men's soccer team I've been able to get more people involved in not only making our community better but allowing my teammates to become better people; hopefully they will continue and pass it  on."

Within the V-Reds soccer team Ben organized an event supporting "Right to Play", called: "Go Shoeless."

"We picked a specific date, and all the coaches would go coach shoeless, to raise awareness and money for Right to Play. All of the fans could check in their shoes and join in as well. We've done it for the past few years now; its small but it helps people get aware."

On top of his multiple volunteering pursuits, being a student, and playing soccer Ben also works for the Varsity Reds athletics as his internship term for the Faculty of Kinesiology.

 Finding time and balance can be hard; Ben actually prefers having multiple things on the go. " I find the busier I am the better it is for me," he says," I'm not sitting there bored, not doing anything, it just makes sense to get involved and do something. If I wasn't doing this I'm not sure what I'd do."
Tom Wilson, for UNB Sports Information